Mission statement

November 6, 2014


Welcome to Swap A Plant .com                                     

The social network for the plant kingdom and an opportunity to enrich the biodiversity of your garden.

Whatever the level of complexity in your gardening projects, whether you are a professional landscaper or a self-thought home gardener, from small balcony herb garden to a complete garden overhaul, you will always have plants which are “in the way” or no longer fit in with your new garden landscape. It might also be that from propagation you ended up with more plants than you can handle.

The old solution was to throw away these “unwanted” plants.

The new solution is to give these plants a new home.

Login or Register and post a picture / description of your “unwanted” plants here.
If you would like to swap your plants with some other plants which might better fit with your garden then do so in the “Plant swap” section.
If you just want to find a new home for your unwanted plants do so in the “Adopt a Plant” section.
Please feel free to join the Swap a Plant community and maybe even make a couple of new friends along the way.